DaVinci Robotic Advanced Laparoscopy

Dr. Karon was the first gynecologist in Kentucky to apply robotic technology of DaVinci system to her field of OB/GYN.  This includes difficult hysterectomies, advanced endometriosis laparoscopies, myomectomies (fibroid removal from uterus) of even large fibroids without a morselator.  DaVinci robot can also be used for outpatient tubal reanastomosis with which Dr. Karon has had 90% success rate.  Dr. Karon’s special interest in last few years has become pelvic floor prolapse and incontinence surgery which has become out patient procedure due to the precision and visualization with the robot.  (Magnification 10X normal vision and writsted instrument precision)

As of June 2015 Dr. Karon has done over 700 cases with DaVinci.  Her operative time has shortened due to her experience.

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