Is There a Permanent Solution to Urinary Incontinence?

Some women have reservations about discussing sensitive feminine issues, even with their doctor. At the offices of Magdalene Karon, MD, we understand, and we’re here to make the conversation easier for you when discussing concerns such as stress urinary incontinence. One of the questions patients with the condition often ask is – Is there a […]

How Do Hormone Changes Impact the Vagina?

Vaginal skin is subject to changes, much like the skin on other parts of the body, and hormonal fluctuations is one of the factors that can bring about these changes. Some women find it difficult dealing with the resulting symptoms, and are not quite sure how hormone changes impact the vagina. How hormone changes affect […]

Is FemiLift FDA Approved?

Since the introduction of laser technology for vaginal rejuvenation to the medical market a few years ago, there have been several products available at varying price ranges. While it is true that laser treatment for vaginal tightening is considerably safer and gentler than Labiaplasty, only a few products have received FDA approval. One of these […]

Is Laser Vaginal Tightening Safe?

Laser vaginal tightening has replaced surgical vaginoplasty by giving patients a painless way to effectively and quickly treat feminine issues such as vaginal laxity and stress urinary incontinence. The procedure is still relatively new to the market, which begs the question “is laser vaginal tightening safe?” While there are always risks associated with any type […]

What is the Difference Between a Labiaplasty and FemiLift?

When it comes to making a decision to spend valuable time and money on a sensitive procedure such as vaginal rejuvenation, it is important to understand the facts and risks associated with your chosen treatment first. Many people automatically assume that vaginal rejuvenation involves an expensive, painful surgical procedure and hospitalization, but depending on your […]

What Exactly Is Vaginal Rejuvenation?

Many women seek to rejuvenate their vaginas as they notice a dramatic change in elasticity known as vaginal laxity. Vaginal laxity is often a result of having a baby, or part of the natural aging process. While it is not physiologically harmful, vaginal laxity can be emotionally taxing especially when it comes to a loose […]

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