“We just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for all your help. We have wanted a child for many years and because of you and your wonderful staff you all have made that dream come true. Words can’t express how thankful I am to all of you. You have the kindest staff I have ever met. They all deserve a pat on the back as well as you. I sure don’t know where you all hide your wings ’cause all of you were sent from heaven above!”

“My doctor, Magdalene Karon, is an OB/GYN as well as a fertility specialist. She is the best! If anyone lives near the Lexington, KY area, you should really look into this doctor. She is the best.”

“Our journey to have a baby was a long and bumpy road. You saw us through two ectopic pregnancies and countless months of fertility treatments. Throughout the journey you helped keep us positive by providing us with honesty and encouragement. You advised us on the most up to date and appropriate fertility treatments and gave us straight facts.  Your confidence that we would one day have a baby of our own kept us going.  Your staff always greeted and encourage us.  They answered all my questions and phone call with patience. Your referral to Cincinnati with Dr. Scheiber was appreciated.  After we had success with in vitro we returned to you for the duration of my pregnancy.  We really felt you and the entire staff celebrated with us on our pregnancy news!  The care I was given during my pregnancy was excellent.  I felt my baby and I were in the best possible hands.  You delivered Kylie Hope on 10/10/08 and helped make our dreams come true.  We can never thank you enough for what you have done for us.”

— Emma & Jeff Marcum

“I can’t tell you how grateful I am that you are my doctor. You were absolutely right about my rash. It’s gone. I had an appointment with Dr. Primm yesterday and without your kind intervention, I would have told him I had to go off the Bextra, and Bextra has had other positive effects beside taking care of my knees. God Bless.”

“I was first seen by Dr. Karon in the fall of 2006. Previously, I had been told by two separate doctors that I would never have children. One of those doctors was so insensitive to my condition that I left his office in tears. The other was kind, but in my opinion was not aggressive enough in his treatment. Having been let down time and time again, I must admit that I was hesitant and skeptical the day of my first appointment with Dr. Karon.

I learned of Dr. Karon through a stranger’s success story. My husband and I had decided that this was it. If Dr. Karon couldn’t help, No More Doctors. For those of you who have struggled with infertility, you can relate to the frustration and hopelessness that we felt.

I took copies of all my medical records with me. During my visit, Dr. Karon took her time and reviewed them. Automatically, she mentioned a couple of tests that needed to be run that neither of my previous doctors had ordered. Dr. Karon was familiar with premature ovarian failure. She said she had two patients with the same condition who actually got pregnant under her care. That was encouraging.

Over a period of months and lots of hormone replacement, I got pregnant… with twins! Dr. Karon inspired me to believe that everything would be okay and it would all work out. She is so passionate about her job. I have never met a physician as dedicated as Dr. Karon is. I owe her so much. She helped to give me the family I always wanted.”

— Ming Norris

“All you ladies are just the best! I want you to know how much I appreciate your kindness! Over the past 4 years, I truly believe I’ve been under the very best care. Karon, Oh, I don’t know what I’d do without you! You have seen me through two pregnancies and numerous surgeries. You’ve been great with everything. I trust and value your opinion greatly! You are a needle in a haystack! And I just wish every Doctor had your skill. I can’t thank you enough for delivering my two beautiful boys!”

— Emily and Colson

“Words cannot even begin to say how grateful I am to you, Melissa, and all of your fabulous nurses. Not only did I receive outstanding maternity care, but a tremendous amount of support, too. All of my questions and concerns were answered with kindness and reassurance 100% of the time. The level of professionalism and care was like none I’ve ever experienced. Thank you for everything!”

— Kara Price Johnson

“I would never in a million years be able to thank you and your most wonderful staff for all that you have done for me and my family. You have been in our life for over eight years and how blessed we have been by you! Because of you, we are now able to look into the eyes of a handsome 7 year old little boy and a beautiful 4 month old baby girl. And we believe it doesn’t get any better than that! The care that you and your staff have and continue to give to me is undeniably the best there is. I have many times referred to you as my “angel” and I believe that you are definitely that, for you have watched over me and taken care of me so many times. With polycystic disease, endometriosis, and many more issues that we have faced and continue to deal with, the care that I have received from you has definitely been above and beyond your call of duty. We will never forget the late night and weekend visits in the hospital you made to check on us while we were waiting for our special delivery. And for all of the preparation and care that you gave to us to make sure we would be okay. I also will never forget looking up from my hospital bed and seeing Angela coming into the door just to check on me, too. This is only one example to describe much you care about your patients. I am sending a very sincere thank you for the most excellent care in the world. Each time we look at our children, we are reminded of how blessed we really are. Thank you for that opportunity and for the care, love, and support we have received and continue to receive from you and your awesome staff.”

— Stacey and Jason Stewart

“Thank you for the fabulous care during our pregnancy. We are blessed to have been under your guidance and care and we cannot thank you enough. See you on our 6-weeks.”

— Derrick and Jennifer Cummins

“I just want to take the time to thank you for caring for me through these many years. When you told me that I needed surgery it was such a relief that you would be the one doing the surgery. You have seen me through so much over the years. Terry and I are so thankful that God brought you into our lives and we have two wonderful children that you have delivered. When my daughter, Christa needed surgery we were thankful that you were the one to do it and now you have been there for me again with my surgery. My hospital stay was a pleasant one and everyone was so kind. Thank you again! God Bless you.”

— Sharon Edwards

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