We have a full time highly skilled phlebotomist, even with patients that are difficult to “stick”.  Your lab work can be drawn at the same time of visit in the exam room and get results back efficiently.  The lab uses the latest technology in Pap smears, biopsies and antenatal testing.

The hours for bloodwork are 9-6 Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. 9-4 Wednesday and Friday. Results are generally accessible 24 to 48 hours after medical review via Patient Portal.


We have a technician for the new DNA and Pharmacogenetic testing. It replaces the older technique of cultures, buccal/saliva testing. Its available for genetic cancer screening as well.

Pharmacogentic testing determine how you metabolize different medications. Some people responds certain medications differently than others. With this test, we can determine what is the most effective prescription to address your individual needs.

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